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Schedule An Appointment

Welcome to my scheduling page. As a valued client or prospect I am making available to you an easy and convenient way to schedule an appointment . Appointments are available in-person in the comfort of your home, by video, at coffee shops and or in my Mesa office.

More than ever it has become a critical decision  in these trying times.  Selecting or understanding  your Medicare coverage needs your attention! It's best not to rush or delay  such an important decision, which will save you money, and most likely reduce or eliminate a lot of stress to you, your spouse or family members.


Important Disclosures

1. By calling (623) 826-2580 you will be directed to a licensed agent.

2. Any promotional items such as "Movie Ticket" will not require any obligation to enroll.

3. Any information shared by a visting prospect/person/client will not be sold or shared with any other entity and will remain confidential.

4. All Medicare eligibles prior to discussing actual Medicare Advanatge Plan Details, will be presented with a Scope of Appointment (SOA). The Center for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) requires we seek permission to speak about specific Health Plans only.  This is to protect you the conumer and will NOT represent an obligigation to enroll in any particular plan.