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Updated 4/30/2024

Agent Cruz - West Valley - Doctor Talks - Hot Topics

I am excited that I can finally announce that we will be hosting a series of seminars with local doctors that have agreed to come speak on a particular subject of high interest. Doctors are not like attorneys in where you might ask for a free consultation to see if they take your case or you want them to handle yours.  While we can see the doctors credentials on their website, it is not easy to to see if you and they would be a good fit. There are a lot things that go into selecting a doctor, and there always research on what be your own need to know, therefore I have invited highly respected doctors in their particular area of expertise to spend the evening with us. I have added some additional Hot Topics along with my regularly scheduled monthly seminars,. Hot Topics, are usually topics that many of my customers are asking about and most likely are filling a need that their current Medicare or ACÁ plan might not cover.


West Valley Doctor Talks with Dr. Mandeep S. Sahani ** Educational Event


On May 14, 2024 you are invited to Seminar Series 1 - Nephrology " Diabetes and your Kidney "`

Our main speaker for the evening is Dr.  Mandeep S. Sahani, he is the CEO and CIO for Desert Kidney Associates and the Chief Medical Director for Gold Kidney Health Plan, as a nephrologist he is renowned speaker throughout the medical community as has graciously agreed to join us for our first talk on the topic of diabetes and your kiidney.


This is a great opportunity for anyone who has been diagnosed with kidney disease, diabetes or simply want to learn more. Other topics will breifly touch on "Short-Term-Home Health" and the potential impact of the 2025 Inflation Reduction Act on medicare plans.


To secure a spot please register by clicking the following link


Register for Dr. Sahani - Talk


Look forward to seeing on May 14th



********   No obligation to enroll. This is an educational event only and no plan specific benefits will be shared. *********** For accommodations of persons with special needs, please contact 623-826-2580. By calling this number you will be directed to a licensed agent